jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

To rest

Todoy I think that I should to rest.

This week I had been to study a lot (and my classmates too) and I did not sleep a wink !, but... I will likle to dance today... I need some disctraction... and my mother said me: No ! You have to rest.

Ok... tomorrow we (my family) will travel to Curico, because it is my mother's birthday... My father and my uncles going to buy a pork and soda. My grandparents will be happy when we arrive to the camp...

I think that I shoul rest... but prefer eat ! And when my stomach be full how this toad I going to sleep, but for 3 days ! (hopefully, because I have to read some texts)

Perhaps the clean air, the animals, the blue sky, the hearth and the fruit could help me.

I think that a good form to spend time is share with the family or the friends in funny places, because when I am in my bedroom only use the computer (msn, facebook.. and.. wikipedia?). Only my little brother bother me... he give my a hug, a kiss or some sweet.

The music as well could be a good alternative, but I only will to lintening a cow and a hen. xD

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