lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

My Favourite Website

I use differents websites to make differents things, for example:

To do any search, I use google because its understand me xD

with this website I can find everything ! And generally prefer wikipedia to the works of the school and the university, because here I can found bibliographies, reviews, history, etc.

To complete the works in english, I prefer the web diccionary of wordreference because the definitions are according the context and is a fast search.

Other website that I use frecuently is facebook, all the days when I can open it. Initially this website was created to find contacts for his name (especially profesionals contacts), for example former classmates. Today in facebook I add all my friends, classmates and family; sometimes peeple wants / or I want to know. It is the principal objetive of this website, but it have a lot of more aplicatios, you can write about you, play any player, share images... And all that you do, is published in "the wall" so that friends can see it.

I found facebook because a friend suggested it me.

I like it because everyday is something new, because the friends do news things, for example invitations to any event. But sometimes facebook is very "sapo" and publish things that I don´t like know.

Most people that I know, have facebook, and so it is easier to communicate.