jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

How do I use my money

I use my money principally to put money in my transport card. It is absolutely necessary because I need travel all days at university in the Metro.

When I eat anything in the lunch I try to spend little money, for example buy only an hamburger and a little juice. But it is not necessary always, because my boyfriend invites me to lunch, and he prepares the delicious food.

All months I receive a student grant (PAE) and I saving $10 thousand. If I need money someday I spend of my saving money. And if I collect a lot of money, I could travel at some place in the next summer holidays.

My mother know that I save money, so when she needs money, she says me: Do you want me to lend money? And I talk back: Yes, but when you pay it back? Is not really important when she come back my money, but I like ask it her.

If I want buy clothes for example, my father buy it me, and if I want more things so share the costs, for example, if the shoes cost $20 thousand, he pay $10 thousand and I the other half.

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Facebook and I

I think that facebook is a great tool. It´s permit me communicate whit different persons that are "my friends" and found persons that I have not seen in a long time, for example classmates to my old school when I studied in my infance.

Facebook informer my about their activities and things to thinks my friends.
In occasions, with my classmates of geography we communicate for facebook, because permit sends messages at a group of persons. Thus we know the information about a work or other new that someone wants to say.

This tool notice when a friend is on birthday, thus I can send a message to my friends says: Happy Birthday, I hope that this day have been spectacular to you!

Hare I can show my family, my work, my studies, the music that I like, my favorite TV program, my telephone number, etc. My friends can see my information, and also I can see their information.

Is important configure security. I share the persons that can view my things or my photographs. Are some people that don’t have the security activated. I think that is very dangerous, because a predator can see this information, especially when little boys give their direction and interests.

In my case mu little brother (he have 6 years old) have facebook, buy only uses it to play. And he says my that plays with him.

My mothers don’t like the computer, she only review that my brother not shut down it in wrong way.