jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

My most unusual journey

The last summer I travelled to Norte Chico. I went arrond La Serena, Punta de Choros, Alto del Carmen, Copiapo and Bahia Inglesa whit my boyfriend and his family. We travelled in a comfortable car that was drive by my boyfriend an my father-in-law. During the journey we saw a lot of wales un Punta de Choros, then we visited a little vineyard and we learnt how craft pisco is made, later we crossed the desert. That was exciting!. And the last day we stayed in Bahia Inglesa, a wonderful beach. Personaly, I will highlight a pair of situatios: - I ate a lot of shimp pais. - I drunk the real craft pisco, Bou Barroeta. That was incredible! - I never had bathed in the see next to the fishes. That was so unusual. Was special traveling with my boyfriend make the journey very special for me. It was our first journey together. I hope this trip will not be the last