lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

The haunted table

This photograph was taken in Parinacota in a old historic church. The people of this city said that this table is hunted because in the nights appeared in any house, and in the morning, in this house appeared someone dead. Actually this table is to tie at a wall, and this wall is weared out.
If you visit this church and touch this table, you going to dream whit this ! . Because of this I have this face in the photograph.
But I never dreamed with this table, only was a little scare.

The photo was tooked for my friend Catalina, we traveled to Arica in the summer of this year. We visit a lof of beautifull places whit Francisca, she was ours guide, but when I visit the Altiplano, Francisca was sick in her house, only traveled with his father and brother, knows great pleaces.
I never before was visit the nort ! and I wasn't been traveled by plane either. It was a great experience =)

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