lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Great holiday

This year I went the best holidays that I remember, because when I did have about 12 years old, with my family visited the sourt of Chile, but I don't have much memories of it.

In january, after to my birthday, with a friend we took a flight fron Santiago to Arica (we left early, but very happy). It was the first time that I traveled in a plane.. and I think that it was a great experience =)

When we arrived to Arica, Francisca was waiting for us. She led we to her house in her car. Her family us received very good, we ate some curious foods.

The days that we were en Arica, visited the beaches (in the day and in the night), the center of Arica, the valleys of Azapa (here had a lot of acid olives !) and LLuta, the Arica's Morro and more; but the more fantastic place was the altiplano, we got to the lake Chungara, on the road saw llamas, alpacas and in the lake: parinas. We traveled with the Francisca's father and with her brother, because she not long ago had hoperated... Here you can't walk fast because with the alture you can't breathe so good... I bought a lot of gifts to my family !

It was one week with much adventure, I met a lot of beautifull places and I enjoyed all.

When I arrive to Santiago all the landscape found strange...

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

My Exposition

In my exposition I felt so nervious, but how the topic I like it is not so dificult.
I think that could be best, I have some problems with my computer... but it is not important.

This activity was so funny, because we have an idea of the hobbies to the classmates and some were bery curious, I don´t thought for example that Felipe likes swim.

In my exposition I showed the food that I like, and some food that I don´t like, as well photographies of the persons that lunch with me frecuently (my friend Fran, my boyfriend and my family).

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

To rest

Todoy I think that I should to rest.

This week I had been to study a lot (and my classmates too) and I did not sleep a wink !, but... I will likle to dance today... I need some disctraction... and my mother said me: No ! You have to rest.

Ok... tomorrow we (my family) will travel to Curico, because it is my mother's birthday... My father and my uncles going to buy a pork and soda. My grandparents will be happy when we arrive to the camp...

I think that I shoul rest... but prefer eat ! And when my stomach be full how this toad I going to sleep, but for 3 days ! (hopefully, because I have to read some texts)

Perhaps the clean air, the animals, the blue sky, the hearth and the fruit could help me.

I think that a good form to spend time is share with the family or the friends in funny places, because when I am in my bedroom only use the computer (msn, facebook.. and.. wikipedia?). Only my little brother bother me... he give my a hug, a kiss or some sweet.

The music as well could be a good alternative, but I only will to lintening a cow and a hen. xD

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

The haunted table

This photograph was taken in Parinacota in a old historic church. The people of this city said that this table is hunted because in the nights appeared in any house, and in the morning, in this house appeared someone dead. Actually this table is to tie at a wall, and this wall is weared out.
If you visit this church and touch this table, you going to dream whit this ! . Because of this I have this face in the photograph.
But I never dreamed with this table, only was a little scare.

The photo was tooked for my friend Catalina, we traveled to Arica in the summer of this year. We visit a lof of beautifull places whit Francisca, she was ours guide, but when I visit the Altiplano, Francisca was sick in her house, only traveled with his father and brother, knows great pleaces.
I never before was visit the nort ! and I wasn't been traveled by plane either. It was a great experience =)

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010


I would like to visit Greece because is a country that about its we learned from the school. Visit this could be interesting because a lot of the sistems that we have, comming from Greece, specially the philosophy. Know this territory where lived a lot of important figures, and where had developed the knowledge.

I would like to do a tour for the historic pleaces and the beaches, eat curious food, buy gifts and tacke a lot of photographs. I would visit Atenas, Rodas, Corfu, Corinto and Salonica (as well visit the museums).

If I could visit Greece, as well could know other continent, but the climate are not so different at central Chile. The architecture is very different and the culture too. In this moment Greece is in crisis, but the beautifull places are ok !