lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Great holiday

This year I went the best holidays that I remember, because when I did have about 12 years old, with my family visited the sourt of Chile, but I don't have much memories of it.

In january, after to my birthday, with a friend we took a flight fron Santiago to Arica (we left early, but very happy). It was the first time that I traveled in a plane.. and I think that it was a great experience =)

When we arrived to Arica, Francisca was waiting for us. She led we to her house in her car. Her family us received very good, we ate some curious foods.

The days that we were en Arica, visited the beaches (in the day and in the night), the center of Arica, the valleys of Azapa (here had a lot of acid olives !) and LLuta, the Arica's Morro and more; but the more fantastic place was the altiplano, we got to the lake Chungara, on the road saw llamas, alpacas and in the lake: parinas. We traveled with the Francisca's father and with her brother, because she not long ago had hoperated... Here you can't walk fast because with the alture you can't breathe so good... I bought a lot of gifts to my family !

It was one week with much adventure, I met a lot of beautifull places and I enjoyed all.

When I arrive to Santiago all the landscape found strange...

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  1. I know arcia. is a great city, i likes so much the Chungara lake is was so beatiful