lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Family Reunion

My family is very united, we always get together to eat rice with chicken the sundays, and all the birthdays they arrive to your house full of laughter and gifts.
My grandmother is so crazy... but is for the age..
My aunts, uncles and cousins are very affectionate (and only a little fats.. ).
If you said any boring joke, the olives farts will flying to you.
Watch football TV is so complicated, not all are of the same team, and always someone who is sad.
All the 18 of september we do activities (for example career of sacks, the egg with the spoom, etc.) and eat a lot !!
Christmas and the new year also are a familyary party (the costumes are a good option)
Sometimes I can not spend time with them, because I have to study, and they are so noisy.
I like to spend time with them... it is a constant party =)

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Notting Hill

This film is a mixture of comedy and romance.
A bookseller called William Thacker (Hugh Grant), have his bookstore in Notting Hill. A day was visited for the famous actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). These day she tooks a book. and his love.
William live with a friend so crazy (Spike), and generaly visit to other couple friends, she in wheelchair, and he only love her.
The word of William is so quiet and simple, whereas Anna work in Hollywood and appear in display advertisement. Then that they to met sometimes, they are absolutly falling in love, but he wait her years, and she dont appear in Notting Hill until Anna return to film, William ran in, but she dont look his. whereas he looks she, listened a conversation... She said that Willian are not important.
About 2 days ago, she visit William to said: I am only a woman, that like to be loved. But William was so confused and rechaced her.
William then to speak with his friends, decided look for she. And declared his love in a press conference. They maked a live together.

Directed by Roger Michell.
I saw this film for first time with a friend, in her house meantime we ate chocolate.
I like this story, because show the diferents social words, a simple man can won the hert to famous actress in the end.
It is better than other movies because isn`t so sweet, and is funny.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Tsunami alert?

After had seen Ricardo Arjona on the TV with my boyfiend and his family in Papudo (Valparaiso Region), I went to sleep. There were many people in the house. For that, I had to sleep in a inflatable mattress. At 03:34 I heard a strange scream. My boyfriend is calling me. "Gracia, is shaking. Stand up now". But I just wanted to sleep. "Gracia, It's an Earthquake, please stand up" But I was sleeping. Someone hold me and carried me to the yard. Suddenly, the people began to run across the road, to the hills. Police turned on the beacons. I realized that I couldn't sleep any more.

I tried to call to my parents, but the lines are colapsed. Maybe they was thinking that something bad happened me. But that didn't worry me. A tsunami was coming to me (or that I thougth). My father-in-law said that we had to escape of this place, because it was so dangerous. We tried to tune on the radios, but we only tuned Argentinean AM radios. We relaxed when the police said that te tsunami alert was cancelled

I didn't realize that the shake was a big earthquake. When I could see the TV, I was in shock. I really realize what the earthquake did.

I think that my country reacted as well I expect. I couldn't ask less to my beautyful country.

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

My grandparents live in "La Orilla", it is a great place between Curico and Hualañe.

I Always visit this place with my family. Here we can climb the hills, walk in the grove (also eat fruits), swim in the river "mataquito", look for the cows, give maize to the chicks... and more; but the best is the peaceful (sleep here only with the silence is fantastic). When I was a child, I played with my cousins and we ran between the trees.

Today my grandparents' house is in repair, because the earthquake shook the tiles off the roof, but everything else is ok.