lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Tsunami alert?

After had seen Ricardo Arjona on the TV with my boyfiend and his family in Papudo (Valparaiso Region), I went to sleep. There were many people in the house. For that, I had to sleep in a inflatable mattress. At 03:34 I heard a strange scream. My boyfriend is calling me. "Gracia, is shaking. Stand up now". But I just wanted to sleep. "Gracia, It's an Earthquake, please stand up" But I was sleeping. Someone hold me and carried me to the yard. Suddenly, the people began to run across the road, to the hills. Police turned on the beacons. I realized that I couldn't sleep any more.

I tried to call to my parents, but the lines are colapsed. Maybe they was thinking that something bad happened me. But that didn't worry me. A tsunami was coming to me (or that I thougth). My father-in-law said that we had to escape of this place, because it was so dangerous. We tried to tune on the radios, but we only tuned Argentinean AM radios. We relaxed when the police said that te tsunami alert was cancelled

I didn't realize that the shake was a big earthquake. When I could see the TV, I was in shock. I really realize what the earthquake did.

I think that my country reacted as well I expect. I couldn't ask less to my beautyful country.

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  1. I think that the worst is to be near the sea, when it occurs or earthquake

  2. Hi! Maria Gracia.
    I can`t call somebody was frustrating.
    Arjona caused the earthquake whit your song