jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

How do I use my money

I use my money principally to put money in my transport card. It is absolutely necessary because I need travel all days at university in the Metro.

When I eat anything in the lunch I try to spend little money, for example buy only an hamburger and a little juice. But it is not necessary always, because my boyfriend invites me to lunch, and he prepares the delicious food.

All months I receive a student grant (PAE) and I saving $10 thousand. If I need money someday I spend of my saving money. And if I collect a lot of money, I could travel at some place in the next summer holidays.

My mother know that I save money, so when she needs money, she says me: Do you want me to lend money? And I talk back: Yes, but when you pay it back? Is not really important when she come back my money, but I like ask it her.

If I want buy clothes for example, my father buy it me, and if I want more things so share the costs, for example, if the shoes cost $20 thousand, he pay $10 thousand and I the other half.

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